Supported technologies: Angular, Angular CLI

To use AngularJS 1.x, you must create a Wallaby configuration file (automatic configuration is not supported).

An example configuration may be found in this repository.

If you are using Webpack, then an example of AngularJS 1.5 with ES6, Webpack & Wallaby is available in this skeleton repository.

Templates to JavaScript

If you want to compile your AngularJS templates to JavaScript to use in your tests, then configure Wallaby to use the open source wallaby-ng-html2js-preprocessor.

files sorting

For AngularJS projects, the order that files are loaded is important because of file dependencies. You must explicitly include each file in the correct order in your Wallaby configuration’s files section. Alternatively, you may use wallaby-angular-filesort postprocessor which will sort your files based on their dependencies, allowing you to use glob patterns in your files section instead of explicitly specifying your files.